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The Challenge - Lifetime access from €44! 


Getting to know your stress physiology and learning about yourself through the lens of your nervous system gives you unique insight into 'who you are' - why you're anxious all of the time, why you struggle with health issues, why you have no energy, or drive or motivation, why your relationships are not as fulfilling as you would like, why you are emotionally reactive, and burning out constantly.


There is a reason why nothing has worked for you so far, and that reason is that you have been bypassing your body this whole time.


Your nervous system holds the key to real, lasting transformation.


You don't need any more strategies or therapies, what you're missing is nervous system education and tools that you can put in place now that will guide your system to a state of safety, and that's exactly what you'll receive in The Challenge.


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🥱 Waking up without anxiously dreading the day ahead.


😊 Feeling well rested and full of energy after a peaceful night of restorative sleep.


🏥 A general feeling of well-being.

Being able to quickly recover from illness and reduced pain.


🫀 Having a loving connection with your body.


👯‍♀️ Having a more authentic and intimate connection with those in your circle.


🧠 No more brain fog. You're finally able to think clearly and make decisions.


🏹 Having goals and dreams and achieving them as your life force energy is back allowing you to execute your plans!


You are tired of feeling stuck.
You are done wasting your money on coaches and courses, to feel better only to very quickly find yourself back in the same toxic loop. 
You are especially tired of the spiritual BS, the bypassing and toxic positivity, that so far hasn't given you any results, but in fact, left you feeling even more broken.

You are exhausted of feeling out of control, of not being in the driver's seat of your own life, you're tired of living for others and hiding yourself away.

You are ready to break free from the go-go-go, perfectionism, the rushing from one task to another, the racing thoughts, the anxiety, and the sleepless nights.


The Challenge is a Polyvagal and Trauma Informed 7-day program that will allow you to see yourself in a whole new light.

This is real nervous system work and
education is the first step. 

so, how does this work?

You'll receive an email every day during the challenge with a lesson and the materials that you'll need each day to do the work. You will have lifetime access to the materials so that you can go over them again and again because nervous system healing is for life, not just for 7 days. 


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This program includes:

7 days of emails with lifetime access to the materials of this course.

44 euros!

NEW - VIP upgrade to include Voxer access for 2 weeks

111 euros!

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