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"Manifestation work without somatic trauma healing is essentially wishful thinking, setting people up to feel shame because they can't manifest what their body is saying isn't safe to have."

If you're tired of the money mindset and manifestation programs not working for you, this program might just be the one you've been looking for.



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Releasing money trauma is the doorway to your desires.

Most manifestation programs that teach you to create abundance don’t get you anywhere because they don’t go deep enough.

But what is deeper than diving into your own physiology, and planting the seeds of safety so that they can grow from your very own cells? 

We’re not about making money for the sake of making money, we’re about making money that feels safe and sustainable.

We want long-term, long-lasting results and that’s what we’re going to get.

What we’re about is expanding your body and your nervous system's capacity to receive, hold, and sustain your desired level of income. 

Healing money wounds from a trauma-informed perspective creates the most potent and most sustainable receiving results in your business and in your life, and in your bank account. 


feeling stuck after trying other manifestation techniques?

​$  wondering why they don't work for you?​

feeling angry or frustrated with your 'inability' to manifest the money that you          want?​

$  having strong reactions such as fear & panic around money?
feeling broken and blaming yourself for not having the amount you would like        to have?
$  referring to yourself as poor and living in a lack mentality?
Wanting to quantum leap in business but finding yourself stuck at a certain              income level?
$  Having an inconsistent or irregular income and wanting more stability and predictability in your business? 
$  Saving and fear around spending in case you run out of money.  

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I know it can feel confusing when money is a source of stress & discomfort. I've been there, too.

This program will give you back your power by giving you the space to explore your relationship with money and provide you with the tools needed to feel a sense of safety with your finances.

This program will restore your faith in manifestation and allow you to call in the income that you're dreaming of because finally, you will feel safe to do so.

There's nothing wrong with you, you are not broken.

This is trauma - Financial trauma and it can be resolved. 

This program will teach you:

$ the link between nervous system regulation & manifestation.
$ the tools to start feeling safe with money. 
$ why other techniques & methods fail to take into account the totality of a person &     what to do instead. 
$ to understand your nervous system's responses to money and understand where     these feelings of panic and shame are coming from so that you can rewrite your           money story. 

how financial trauma plays a role in your life and how it holds you back.
$ to work through any limiting beliefs and programming that is stopping you from         feeling secure with your cash flow. 
$ to get clear about your wants & desires. 
$ how to work with your nervous system in order to make your desires a reality.
$ how the Law of Attraction really works.


💎 Lifetime access to 5 in-depth modules covering limiting beliefs, financial trauma & how to manifest in the quantum.

💎 A guided orienting exercise to practice daily in order to support your nervous system and bring you into your body & into the present moment - we manifest from the NOW. 

💎 Downloadable workbooks for each module.

💎 My signature technique 'The Four R Process', which is designed to help soothe the system and calm overwhelm, and reprogram limiting beliefs, whilst promoting safety in the body. 

💎 A guided EFT (emotional freedom technique) video for you to tap along to and rewire those limiting beliefs.

Jen backgrounds (3).jpg


Please be aware that the lowest amount on the scale is reserved for people of low income or going through financial difficulties. Please be mindful in choosing an amount within or above the recommended scale of €60 to €165 (Amount in Euros. Please check relevant exchange rates before booking).

If you require a payment plan, please directly contact me and we can make an arrangement.

If you would like to do this course with 1:1 support, also contact me and we can add an extra fee for zoom or voxer support. 

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