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A 4-step process to healing trauma.

1️⃣ RE-EDUCATION - The more we know the system and the more we know ourselves, the easier it is to take action and build the capacity to go through our daily lives. The RE-EDUCATION step helps us to cognitively understand what is going on. It has to make sense in the head, to actually create change in the body.

2️⃣ RE-DISCOVER - The stage of self-exploration - getting to know yourself through the lens of your nervous system. The step brings awareness towards the felt sensation of each autonomic state with curiosity and self-compassion and cultivates a moment-to-moment habit of noticing and naming shifts in between states.

3️⃣ RE-PROGRAM - Step 3 is working on creating practices that reshape the process of neuroception, to move us from protection to connection. Think about this part of the process as a workout for the nervous system. We’ll introduce activities that build resilience and regulation.

4️⃣ RE-CONNECT - The final step is is about integration and embodiment. It’s about connection with the new version of self, and the new version of the re-programmed nervous system.


My partner & I have been working on our own nervous systems for quite some time now and we've come up with our very own method for healing!


The Re-Processing Trauma Method is a 4-step healing process that takes you on a journey deep into your physiology so that you can understand, and work with, your own nervous system responses in order to process your trauma and live the life of ease that you deserve.


I'm offering the first step in our process FOR FREE to give you the education that you need to get you started on the path towards regulation. 

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