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A 6-month intimate coaching container from €4000. 

You’re good at what you do.
You’ve built your business from the ground up.
You’re seeing results in your clients.
You love your business but you’re tired of hustling.

You didn’t decide to be your own boss so that you could still keep waking up in an anxious panic, rushing to get through the day.

You don’t want your business to be just another to-do list.

You desire more.
You desire slowness, ease, and peace.
Not only in your business but in all areas of your life.

You want to show up with sustainable energy, focus, drive, and motivation. 

You’ve tried every strategy and modality out there but somehow, you still feel stuck.
You know there must be something else, you’re searching for the missing piece.

Your nervous system is that missing piece.
Your nervous system is the portal to all of your desires.
Your nervous system is the strategy.

When you get your social engagement system back online, ease, pleasure, and joy become the new norm.

So forget the manifestation techniques and mindset shifts.

If you’re desiring to create the business of your dreams and the bank account of your dreams, this is the safest and most sustainable way to do it. 

Jen backgrounds.jpg

Regulate is a highly personalised container for the high-performing, conscious CEO who is ready to take not only their business but their whole life to the next level.

I will teach you how to calibrate your nervous system capacity for safety and slowness so that you can welcome ease into your life and bring the fun back into your business.

If you’re desiring to grow without sacrificing your health and your relationships, Regulate is for you.

Over the 6 months, we’ll work through my ReProcessing Trauma Method, which is a 4-step process blending neuroscience, somatic healing, and embodiment practices, so that you can move your nervous system out of being stuck in survival mode and into thriving mode.
Together we’ll co-regulate to move you out of hypervigilance calling in greater focus, clarity, and concentration. You’ll build your capacity to regulate your emotions, navigate change, and handle stress.
You’ll finally learn to slow down and you’ll learn to love to rest.
Say goodbye to fatigue and exhaustion.
This is REAL nervous system work.
Not breathwork, not mindset, but working somatically with your physiology to get to the root cause of why you’re currently feeling stuck.

What's included?

Jen backgrounds.jpg

1:1 coaching sessions - These sessions (45 mins to 1 hour per week) will be personalized to meet your needs and wants, with the main focus being nervous system regulation work and bringing you back to your body and your SELF.

Unlimited Voxer support - In between sessions, you will have me with you (during office hours) to support you when things come up in your daily life. This is where the real magic happens.

Online client portal - Here you will have access to recordings of sessions, workbooks, and any other materials that will support your healing journey. 

Exclusive access to courses and content!


I am now using a sliding scale for my 1:1 program.

Please invest that amount that feels safe and comfortable for you within the scale. 

Payment plans are available - get in touch and we can find something that feels safe for you or let me know on the application form. 

Application only.  

If you are looking for a shorter-term commitment, contact me to discuss monthly coaching packages.  

My favourite testimonial: 

Screenshot 2022-10-22 at 10.13.39.png

What you can expect from our time together:

You are a powerful being and my deepest desire is that you feel and experience your own power, just as I did, just as my clients do. 

Doing the deep nervous system work will validate your entire life experience. You'll get deep insights into who you truly are and massive realisations about things that you thought were your personality, which you'll see are actually a result of trauma. And with these insights, you'll find your power to change.

You will see how resilient you are and how much you can handle, as your capacity to deal with stress increases, the emotional ups and downs will decrease.
You'll be responding to people and situations instead of reacting from past habitual patterns and this means smoother relationships and an easier life in general! 

You'll learn to say no and set boundaries, and you'll feel bloody good doing it. You'll piss a few people off, but you'll be ok with it because you've got yourself and YOU are your priority. You might lose a few friends that no longer serve you, whilst making space for safe people to surround you.

The voi
ce of your intuition will grow louder as you start to listen to it and trust yourself more and more. You'll become more confident in who you are and what you want, and you'll feel motivated to follow your dreams and desires.

You will see results that will last a lifetime because you will be going straight to the root cause of trauma and its symptoms and not bypassing the body. You will heal at the deepest level in the safest way possible.
You won't be comfortable and happy all of the time, and you'll be ok with that because you will know your power and you'll be able to hold space for your whole spectrum of emotions.

For the first time ever, you'll fall in love with all of you! 

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