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If you want to learn more about manifesting money from a trauma-informed perspective, here's an offer for you ⬇


A trauma-informed approach to manifestation.

I was someone who couldn't talk or even think about money without being sent into a state of panic.

I desperately wanted money but at the same time didn't believe I could have it.

I didn't believe there was enough for me. 

I didn't believe that I deserved it.

Even though I didn't believe that money would come to me, I still tried manifestation techniques such as visualization and gratitude journaling.

I would keep up with these techniques for a few days and then either forget to continue with them, or I would choose to stop doing them believing that they didn't work.

and I was right, they don't work. 

At least not while we're living with a nervous system that is in a constant state of panic.

You see, the nervous system wants to keep us safe and it does that by keeping us in the familiar.
Repeating the same patterns and habits over and over again, and thinking the same things over and over again.

With a dysregulated system, we don't question whether the things we believe about life or about ourselves are true or not, we just go along with our programming.

With all the limiting beliefs that I held around money, and a nervous system wired for protecting, no wonder I wasn't manifesting anything new into my life.

Once I started working to regulate my nervous system, I was able to understand why these other methods of manifestation weren't working for me.
That's why I put together this course.
To share with you the missing piece to manifestation.
To show you that it is possible to manifest your wildest dreams.
And the first step is getting your nervous system on board. 



⭐️ feeling stuck after trying other manifestation techniques?

⭐️ wondering why they don't work for you?

⭐️ wanting to keep up a manifestation practice but feel unable to stick to it?

⭐️ feeling angry or frustrated with your 'inability' to manifest?

⭐️ having strong reactions such as fear & panic around money?

⭐️ broken and blaming yourself for not having the amount you would like?

I know it can feel confusing when money is a source of stress & discomfort.

I made this course with the hope that a trauma-informed perspective on manifestation would show you that you are not broken and that you do have the ability to manifest.

You are a conscious creator, a powerful creator of your own reality. 


⭐️ the link between nervous system regulation & manifestation

⭐️ why other techniques & methods fail to take into account the totality of a person

⭐️ to understand your nervous system responses to money

⭐️ how financial trauma plays a role in your life

⭐️ to get clear about your wants & desires

⭐️ how to work with your nervous system in order to make these desires a reality

⭐️ how the Law of Attraction really works


⭐️ 5 written modules including limiting beliefs, financial trauma & manifesting in the quantum.

⭐️ A guided neurosensory exercise to support your nervous system. 

⭐️ Workbooks of journaling prompts for each module.

⭐️ Audio recordings of each module for you to listen on the go.

⭐️ Guided EFT (emotional freedom technique) video for you to tap along to. 

⭐️ A bonus 'glimmers' notebook. 

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The investment for this self-paced course is €101

Early bird investment: €66 until 8th April! 
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