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Releasing money trauma is the doorway to your desires.

Shift the way you work and earn from hustle to ease with no external strategy, but with your own body.

That’s right, the missing piece that you’ve been searching for has been right there under your nose this whole time.

Your nervous system is THE strategy.
It is your money maker.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been finding yourself burning out from trying to make the 10k months that everyone is harping on about.

Well, what about if we shift your focus from bringing in that 10k to feeling safe and secure inside your own body?

Nervous system work lays the foundation so that you can work, earn, and live with ease.

No more worrying about whether people are going to sign up for your offers, and no more worrying about your client's results.

Your focus is on you now, and once you feel safe in your own skin, wow, that effect will be rippling out into your life and business.

In FREEDOM, we’re not about making money for the sake of making money, we’re about making money that feels safe and sustainable.

We want long-term, long-lasting results and that’s what we’re going to get.

What we’re about is expanding your body and your nervous system's capacity to receive, hold, and sustain your desired level of income. 

Healing money wounds from a trauma-informed perspective creates the most potent and most sustainable receiving results in your business and in your life, and in your bank account. 

Your nervous system is the portal to unlocking your unlimited earning potential.

FREEDOM (4).jpg

Validate your entire life's experiences with money as you will gain a deep understanding of your stress physiology and why your finances have such a huge effect on your health and well-being.

Provide you with all of the education and tools that you need to start reducing any feelings of anxiety, panic, and overwhelm - and not just with money, but in all areas of your life.

Give you specific nervous system and somatic tools that you can put into place immediately and that are proven to have the desired result of bringing more safety into your body. (My work is based on the Polyvagal theory by Stephen Porges). 

Help you create a secure attachment with yourself, with others and with your finances so that you can have smoother relationships in all areas of your life. 


Be a magic cure or quick-fix. It requires you to really do the work. 
Doing the work doesn't mean exhausting yourself, it just means applying the principles and tools learnt in the program and dedicating a few minutes each day to your nervous system.

YOU are the solution you've been searching for, therefore YOU have to do the work. 



Here's what my clients are experiencing:

Screenshot 2022-09-14 at 14.08.06.png
WhatsApp Image 2022-09-15 at 12.00.42.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-09-15 at 12.00.22.jpeg
Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 11.57.51.png
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FREEDOM (2).jpg

Your nervous system holds the key to you feeling financially safe & secure. 

There could be a million reasons why you're here reading this page right now. 

Perhaps you're a high-achiever or an ambitious CEO who is wishing business to run smoother. If that's the case, then I guess you hit all of your goals and targets but it comes with its own price. 

Perhaps you're feeling that in order to make more money, you need to work harder, and the struggle and the hustle are causing you to keep burning out.

You've been trying to quantum leap in business and just can't understand why it's not happening for you! 

You may even be tired and want to give up on business altogether. 

You've tried all of the strategies and modalities and you want to get to the root cause of why you feel so stressed and worried about money all of the time.

Maybe you're having inconsistent or irregular income and want more stability and predictability in your business and with your finances.

Perhaps you're not running a business at all but you're just fed up with feeling like money = hustle and you're ready for an easier way to earn.  

All of these things have their root cause in trauma, and the good news is, trauma can be healed!


FREEDOM will give you back your power by giving you the space to explore your relationship with money and provide you with the tools needed to feel a sense of safety with your finances.

FREEDOM (4).jpg


You can invest in FREEDOM in 3 different levels of proximity to me, and the cost of the investment reflects that proximity. (See below for investment costs and payment plans.) 

Level 1: SELF-PACED STUDY - With the level 1 plan, you'll be given lifetime access to the program which includes any future updates. 

Level 2: 8 WEEKS VOXER/MESSENGER SUPPORT - Lifetime program access alongside 8 weeks of messenger support from me (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm). 

Level 3: 8 WEEKS VOXER/MESSENGER SUPPORT + 3 x 1:1 COACHING CALLS - Lifetime access, plus the 8 weeks of messenger support AND 3 x 45 minute coaching calls - at the start, middle and end of the course. (All calls to take place within a 3 month period). 



MODULE 1: GETTING TO KNOW YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM - Learn all about your nervous system and tools for creating a secure attachment with yourself. 

MODULE 2: GETTING TO KNOW YOUR MONEY RESPONSES - Once you've started creating a safe and secure attachment with yourself, you will now work on creating financial safety on a somatic level.  MODULE⒊ FEELING FREE  - How to put it all together so that you can embody the work and create your new money story, a story of FREEDOM!

Each module comes with several educational videos, tutorials, audios, guided somatic exercises, workbooks, and journalling prompts.
It's jam-packed with resources that will help guide your system toward feeling safer with money. 

FREEDOM (4).jpg




VOXER + 3 X 1:1 COACHING CALLS: From €444

I work with a sliding scale.
The lowest amounts on the scale are reserved for people of low income or going through financial difficulties.
There is a set suggested price that you can change.
Please be mindful in choosing an amount within or above recommended scale. 


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