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Hi there, I'm Jen

I'm a big fan of walking in the mountains, sunrises & being above the clouds. 
A lot of my time is spent reading books.

I love learning and I'm always excited to discover new things. 

After a shock awakening during an energetic session a few years ago, where I was left to face all of my past trauma, I set off on a journey to rediscover who I really was.
I tried many, many things but continually felt stuck, broken, confused & miserable (to name a few things).

During that time I was introduced to nervous system work by my partner and wow, that's when things finally started making sense to me.

I understood why I acted in certain ways in different situations & relationships.
I became aware of patterns that were no longer serving me. 
I got back in touch with my body after years of disassociating.

I stopped relying on external substances to comfort me and instead learnt to self-soothe.
I gained a completely new understanding of the depression & anxiety that I had suffered from for over a decade.

I found safety in my body and in myself.
I learnt to love & trust myself again.

I have gained so much on the way and every day I'm discovering something new. 
So that's why I'm here, offering my services to you.

Because I want you to know that you can also live a life of ease.

You can fall in love with yourself.
I never thought that I would be here sharing this story with you, but here I am, happier & healthier than I've ever been.
If you're looking for a nervous system coach who really embodies their work, then check out my services & let's co-regulate!


Why the Nervous System?

  • The body is SO important in the healing journey and it is often overlooked.

  • Understanding our nervous system responses gives us a greater understanding of ourselves.

  • We can come to understand why we act or feel the way we do in different situations, and from here work towards recovery and growth. 

  • A regulated nervous system allows us to move through life with more ease and pleasure and also allows the body to heal itself naturally.

  • We really cannot HEAL without incorporating nervous system work into our daily lives. 

How can I support you?

  • When healing the nervous system, it is so important that we have safe connections in our world. I want to be that safe connection for you.

  • I offer to hold space for you to explore your inner world, free from judgment.

  • I will share with you my knowledge of the nervous system and its responses and how they play a major role in shaping our lives.

  • I will guide you to explore patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you and help you to consciously reprogram them.

  • Most of all, I will give you my presence, love, understanding, and full support, free from unsolicited advice. Something that we all need on the healing journey. 

Why do I do what I do?


For many years I felt like I had no passion. I was lost when it came to my career choices, going from one dead-end job to the next not really feeling fulfilled.
Until I found this work, and excitement that I hadn't felt in years came back to me. 

(If our nervous system is dysregulated it is likely we won't feel passionate about anything!).

So that's why I do this work. Because I am passionate about it. Because it excites me. Because I want to share what I know with you. Because I want you to see your life transform. 


At the beginning of my own healing journey, I would have loved this type of support. Someone to walk with me, someone who's been through it and can guide me back to myself. 

Someone trauma-informed and safe that I could co-regulate with. 
I want to be that person for you. 
I want to show you that you deserve to be loved and you deserve to heal because you are worthy and capable of taking control of your life. 

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