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Let's be honest, healing can be confusing.

👁️ You are bombarded with information on the internet about how to heal.


👁️ Everyone & their dog has the 'answer' for you! 


👁️ You're overwhelmed about what it is you 'should' be doing. 


👁️ You've been trying different things but nothing seems to be working.


👁️ You are at the point of giving up forever. 

                                               You are done with healing!

I'm here to tell you - don't throw in the towel just yet! 
This 3-day Challenge will restore your faith in healing by helping y
ou understand why the things you have done so far haven't worked and show what actually works!

I know, I sound just like everyone else when I tell you that 'I have the secret' 🫣

But before you give up, give me 3 days to change your perspective & show you that you can heal!

👁️ Are seeking change & transformation
👁️Want to heal in a way that actually works

👁️ Don't want to spend hours out of your day meditating
👁️ Are anxious, overwhelmed, burning out, and want to understand the science behind what you are feeling
👁️ Are loosing hope in healing and feel like giving up!

Here's how it works:

👁️ Day 1
You'll learn all about spiritual burnout and why it is causing you to give up on your dream of healing! And we will also take a look at what is actually going to help you heal!

👁️ Day 2
Meet your nervous system! Get to know how your system actually works and how survival stress is showing up in your daily life. It's science but I will make it fun!

👁️ Day 3

We heal with the body, not with the mind. On the third day, you will join me in a somatic practice to get you out of your head and into your body! 

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