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Nervous system coach helping spiritual souls awaken to the universe within. 

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The Co-Regulation Revolution Membership!

The membership for spiritual souls seeking the step-by-step to nervous system regulation.

Shakti Somatic Sessions.

Get 1:1 support for whatever is coming up for you at the moment! 

Join the Community.

Come and join the free community where you can meet people on the same path as you! There will be weekly lives, free masterclasses, and so much more!
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Free 3-day Challenge!

Don't give up on healing just yet. This FREE 3-day Challenge will help you avoid spiritual burnout and start actually getting results! 

Regulation Rising 1:1 container

Get personalised 1:1 support, guidance, and co-regulation for your nervous system in this 4 month container!

REVIVE: Free masterclass

Get instant access to the free masterclass exploring the link between Kundalini & the nervous system!

Listen & Learn.

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Looking to learn more about healing from stress, trauma resolution, overcoming burnout and anxiety, plus so much more, tune into The Kundalini Nerve podcast.
New episodes every Friday! 
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